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Purchase Policy

Check-in and itinerary policy

  • When arriving at the destination, the customer must follow the contracted travel itinerary.
  • To access tickets, the customer must check in online on the website, or in the Bonitour app.
  • For the contracted services to be made available, the itinerary must have been paid in full.
  • BONITOUR reserves the right to change the order of the tours in the itinerary, for both time and dates, as long as it can be included within the period of the visitor's stay at the destination.
  • The itinerary schedule is based on the availability of spots at the attractions and on transportation optimization, so any changes will be subject to the agency's agreement

Cancellation policy

Types of cancellation:

Cancellation due to weather conditions:

  • It’s important to stress that when facing adverse weather such as rain, cold or other conditions, as long as the attraction is in operation, the reservation can only be canceled with authorization of the attraction provider.

How do I request a cancellation?

How much does the cancellation cost?

  • Cancelations with NO CANCELATION FEE must be requested up to 15 (fifteen) days in advance of the travel date.
  • If a cancelation is requested after this period, the agency should be consulted and fees may apply.

How is the reimbursement policy in light of the COVID-19 pandemic?

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are following the Brazilian Federal Government's provisional measures nº 48/2020 and nº 1.036/2021 for reimbursements, which works as follows:

  • The provisional measures (MP 48/2020 and MP 1.036/2021) exempt travel agencies from immediately refunding the amounts paid for reservations, but guarantee our customer the rebooking of the service or credit for the purchase of other services.
  • Therefore, if you choose to rebook or get credit, you will have 18 months to use them from the date of the end of the state of public calamity caused by COVID-19. The itinerary can be modified, considering the available amount. If it is not possible to rebook within 12 months after the end of the pandemic, the amount will be refunded in full.
  • Regarding the cancellation of the itinerary, the provisional measures (MP 48/2020 and MP 1.036/2021) only ensure reimbursement if we are unable to reach an agreement, however, Bonitour will have up to 12 months to carry out the refund, counting from the end of the state of public calamity.

For other cancellation situations:

  • The customer's non-attendance at the established time will be considered a “no-show” and the full amount of the contracted attraction, transport and accommodation will be charged.
  • For the Bonito/MS region, the attractions Rio da Prata and Gruta do Lago Azul only accept cancellations up to 5 days before the tour date. For other attractions, the cancellation will be made upon consultation.
  • The cancellation of the tour, due to adverse weather conditions does not imply rearrangement of dates (in the high season, the probability of available vacancies is minimal), so the agency will reimburse the amount paid by the client.
  • The transportation service is not associated with the attraction. In case of cancellation of the tour when the client is already at the place, the transportation will be charged.
  • Customers of tour operators: in case of cancellation of tours due to weather conditions, the value of the tour will be refunded through the operator responsible for the sale.
  • Our cancellation policy follows the guidelines of the Brazilian Consumer Protection Code, therefore, the customer is fully entitled to ask for a refund for the purchase within a period of up to 7 days, (provided it is not an in-person purchase), and the amount paid will be fully refunded.
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