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Check out what to do in Serra Gaúcha, Brazil:

Serra Gaúcha offers a complete experience to all tourists: your eyes will sparkle with its landscapes; your smile will open with so much fun, and your mouth will be watering with the local cuisine.

Only a few places in Brazil have the charm of Serra Gaúcha. For many, the destination is a piece of Europe in Brazil, mainly due to the German and Italian influence of the past centuries. In addition to Gramado and Canela, you can visit more than 20 cities in the region, full of ecotourism, adventure and contemplation activities, as well as a rich gastronomic culture. Check out some of the amazing tours you can take there:

Bondinhos Aéreos Parque Da Serra - Caracol em Canela

Parques Da Serra - Caracol

Bondinhos Aéreos
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Viajantes fazendo Rafting no Rio das Antas localizado no Parque Cia Aventura na Serra Gaúcha

Cia Aventura

Rafting Rio das Antas
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Crianças brincando na neve do parque Snowland na Serra Gaúcha


Passeios e atrações na neve
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Trem da Maria Fumaça aguardando passageiros para o passeio entre Bento Gonçalves e Carlos Barbosa na Serra Gaúcha

Maria Fumaça

Trem do Vinho
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Eating in Serra Gaúcha

Serra Gaúcha offers mouth-watering gastronomic delights! Anyone visiting the region cannot miss the famous and complete colonial coffee and the desired chocolates from Gramado, nor the wonderful wines made there - many of them cultivated by hand, in addition to restaurants, bars and themed nights that show the cultural diversity of the most European region of Brazil. The famous Vale dos Vinhedos has been recognized by the European Union with the Seal of Origin, so come visit and discover the wineries and grape plantations.

Click and discover dishes and restaurants in Serra Gaúcha.
Feeling hungry yet?Click and discover dishes and restaurants in Serra Gaúcha.

Things to do in Serra Gaúcha in 5 days

Serra Gaúcha has attractions for all seasons and is a captivating option for gastronomy, ecotourism and culture lovers. To make the most of all that the destination has to offer, planning in advance is essential to have a diversified itinerary. For this reason, we have selected unmissable tours for a 5-day tour in Serra Gaúcha with options to enjoy the region all year round. Check it out:

Vista do passeio de Bondinhos Aéreos no Parques da Serra em Canela/RS

Parques Da Serra - Caracol

Bondinhos Aéreos
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Crianças brincando na neve do parque Snowland na Serra Gaúcha


Passeios e atrações na neve
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Viajante em passeio de tirolesa no Raft Adventure Park na Serra Gaúcha com árvores ao fundo

Raft Adventure Park

Rafting, Tirolesa, Rapel e Paintball
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Brinquedos e dinossauros do Parque Terra Mágica Florybal

Parque Terra Mágica Florybal

Diversão para a família
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When is the best time to visit Serra Gaúcha?

Even though the destination shines more during the winter and the Christmas period, Serra Gaúcha can be visited throughout the year, with periods of high and low season. During the summer, which takes place between December and March, the region is full due to the holiday season and Christmas attractions, so it is a period of high season. During autumn, between March and June, cities are emptier and it is the low season period, perfect for tourists looking to travel calmly and enjoy the cool weather. In winter, the expectation grows due to low temperatures and the long-awaited snow is what brings thousands of people to the region. In spring, which takes place between September and December, the first and last months of the season are considered high season, while the other two fall under mid season. For those who prefer to travel calmly and dream of getting to know the region's Christmass attractions, they usually start in October. Check out some unmissable tours of Serra Gaúcha:

Casal realiza Trilha de Quadriciclo no Parque Cia Aventura na Serra Gaúcha

Parque Cia Aventura

Trilha Quadriciclo 6km
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Ruas com decoração natalina na cidade de Gramado durante o Natal Luz


Natal Luz em Gramado
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Roteiro gastronômico: conheça os Caminhos de Pedras na Serra Gaúcha

Serra Gaucha

Roteiro Gastronômico
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Rapel na Cascata Vô Ernesto na Serra Gaúcha

Cascata Vô Ernesto

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About the Serra Gaúcha's region


Located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Serra Gaúcha is formed by several cities that have natural beauty at heights of up to 1300m/4265ft. European immigrants began to colonize the cities between the years 1850 and 1875, and to this day we still find residents who preserve the dialects spoken in the countries of their roots, such as: Hunsrückisch (German) and Talian (Italian).

Development and Ecotourism

Tourism in Serra Gaúcha is rich and diversified. The cities offer adventure tours, contemplation, family fun, romantic, themed and gastronomic programs. The region, which has become a national tourism and ecotourism hub, attracts thousands of people every year and offers unique experiences, such as: Rafting on the Paranhana River, Snowland, Alpen Park Quadricycle Tours, Caracol Cascade, Mini Mundo, Wax Museum, the famous Christmas Light of Gramado and much more.

Natural Beauties

Serra Gaúcha has enchanting natural beauties, such as araucaria forests, canyons, waterfalls, mountains and, of course, the cold climate that sometimes even results in snow, are some of the main attractions of the place. In addition, the charm of European customs gives an air of exclusivity to the cities that make up the region.


The intense German and Italian influence form specific sociocultural and tourist characteristics. The cold winters and mild summers, together with the huge architectural collection left by immigrants, offer tourists the real feeling of visiting Europe, even without leaving Brazil. Get ready to walk along pleasant streets, contemplate houses with flowers on the balcony, take a train ride and taste unique dishes.

How is the climate in Serra Gaúcha?

The seasons in Serra Gaúcha are well defined and despite being more popular in winter, it has a pleasant climate all year round. Summer happens between December and March and brings temperatures between 15ºC/59ºF and 30ºC/86ºF. During the fall, low season period between March and June, temperatures are lower, between 11ºC/51ºF and 25ºC/77ºF. Winter happens between June and September and temperatures average between 8°C/46ºF and 17°C/62ºF, in times of cold fronts it can drop to numbers below 0°C/32ºF and on those days there can be frost and even snow! In spring, which takes place between September and December, the temperature rises again, reaching between 12ºC/53ºF and 22ºC/71ºF on average. Rains are frequent throughout the year, with less rainfall in the period between April and June. Serra Gaúcha is an incredible destination to be known throughout the year!

Learn more about Serra Gaúcha: check out the complete guide about the destination.
Learn more about Serra Gaúchacheck out the complete guide about the destination.

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Check out the complete guide about Serra Gaúcha!

Check out the complete guide about Serra Gaúcha!

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